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Capella does not have the ability to override either the annual or lifetime borrowing limits on federal loans, so once you have reached the annual loan limits your two primary options are to find additional sources of funding or to pay out of pocket (or a combination of the two).

Additional sources of funding

If you need additional funding to cover part of your tuition you should explore the following options:

If you need to cover the tuition for an entire course or courses:

  • Graduate PLUSloans (Graduate learners)
  • Parent PLUS loans (Dependent undergrad Learners)
  • Private loans

Out of Pocket Payments

Another option is to pay your tuition as you go. If you have requested auto-registration your tuition charges should be available starting two months prior to the course start. Once the charges appear on your account you can make payments towards the charges. You can make multiple payments, as long as all charges are paid by the start of the course. You may also contact the Financial Aid Support Team to discuss other payment options.