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How do I read my statement?

The total of the current and the past due amounts on your statement is the amount that is currently owed to Capella and the amount you need to take steps to resolve. Options for resolving the balance include:

  • setting up federal or private sources of financial aid
  • Setting up VA benefits
  • direct bill agreements
  • payment plans
  • paying out of pocket

The options available to you depend on your specific circumstances. Please reach out to the Financial Aid Support Team if you have questions.

In addition, the past due charges indicate that you owe that has passed the payment due date. If not addressed these charges may prevent course access and can be referred to collections if they remain unresolved.

Future charges are charges which have been applied to your account (typically for tuition) to provide visibility for your planning.  Federal financial aid will not apply to these charges, but you can make payments towards these charges using your own funds at any time. These charges will convert to current charges when payment is due.

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